Celebrating Spring at the Massachusetts Librarians' Teen Summit

Tomorrow I have the honor of addressing librarians serving teens across our great state at the third annual Teen Summit sponsored by the Massachusetts Library Association and the Massachusetts Library System.

I'm nervous—there's something about the word "keynote" even though I won't be addressing a huge crowd. To counter the fear, however, there's the reassurance that I already know many of these dear librarians. Also, we're jointly sharing the wonder of spring in New England, so everybody's bound to be in a good mood, right?

Giddy with the demise of winter, I've been re-reading some of my favorite books of the season. These include the Melendy books by Elizabeth Enright; here's a lovely description of this time of year from The Four Story Mistake, for example:
The world seemed to expand with spring. It was larger, newer. The woods became thick and deep; and familiar vistas were hidden, made secret by thousands and thousands of opening leaves. Grass rose up tall and soft on the fields like fur on the back of a cat. Everything had to be explored all over again, for suddenly all had been created anew.
Think of me tomorrow morning, and enjoy the beauty that is the end of April.