Bell Rings, Class Over, Memories Remain

You'll have to use your imagination to grasp how much I enjoyed this past month of teaching at Saint Mary's College of California. This wonderful article might shed some light on the privilege of discussing "Race, Culture, and Power in Children's Books" with 25 undergraduates on this beautiful campus nestled in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Or maybe this picture of my cute students will help:

Think of me walking into my parents' house at the end of a long day of preparation and teaching, calling out, "I'm hungry! What's to eat?" And every day, there was a delicious meal, cooked from scratch by Mom, and good conversation with both of my parents.

I stayed in this cozy cottage nearby, perfect for quiet study and reflection, stocked with unlimited firewood and fresh flowers:

Picture me hiking these hills every day (in January, friends -- I live in Boston, remember?):

Oh, and did I tell you MY VERY OWN SON took my class? Talk about Mommy finagling: (1) nest empties, (2) miss him and reading aloud to him, (3) son takes my class, (4) get to read picture books to him again. I'm good, aren't I? Or maybe it's that Someone is very good to me.