A Kid/YA Book a Day for Lent

During this season, I strive to impose a new discipline that slows me to see and hear more clearly. What better practice than enjoying a book from cover to cover, especially in an age when I'm mostly reading in the "shallows" instead of deeply?

I'll be aiming to read a children's or YA book every day until Easter (picture books, chapter books, and graphic novels count--whew), and will be posting brief reviews here, on my Facebook page, and in my Twitter stream. I'll start by scouring my shelves for unread ARCs and review copies, and then head to the bookstore or library.

It's day two, and here's what I've read so far.

LOST AND FOUND: THREE by Shaun Tan (Arthur A. Levine Books). Wistful, hopeful, a feast for the eyes.
ZORA AND ME by Victoria Bond and T.R. Simon (Candlewick Press). Rich sense of time and place, spunky, lovable child characters, gripping mystery. Explores questions about community, race, and identity still being asked today. Warning: will make you want to read Zora Neale Hurston's novels.