Lent Read #21: LALA SALAMA by Patricia MacLachlan, Illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon

I'm on the road for author visits, so this week will feature several picture books. But with my nest recently emptied, what joy to return to this genre after so many years! Obviously I'm going to have to borrow babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers on a regular basis.

Along the shores of a Tanzanian lake, a young mother and father carry their baby through a day of work, love, laughter, and peace. This spare and lovely lullaby by the Newbery Medalist, published by Candlewick, is an excellent way to introduce even the very tiny to the existence of other cultures beyond our borders. Yes, the paintings inside by Elizabeth Zunon are all as glorious and joyful as the cover art. LALA SALAMA means "sleep peacefully" in Swahili, and I did, taking a nap in my quiet inn this afternoon after reading this book.