Twitter Book Parties: A Reprise

It's hard to believe we're about to throw our 250th book birthday party on twitter, and even more amazing to realize that the first one took place almost three years ago. If you're an author with a children's or teen book releasing from a traditional publisher, feel free to sign up. Here are the details:

The release of a new book is something to celebrate. Each story winging out into the world deserves a communal "HURRAH!" We're tapping into the power of Twitter, a social network, to spread the buzz about new books for kids, teens, and tweens.

Each author or illustrator who wants a party agrees to spread the news about the other books (do your best, no stress), and we welcome any and all bookies, booksellers, or bloggers to celebrate also. It's easy to set the party up to happen automatically in your twitter stream or you may hand-tweet your kudos as well. Join us on Twitter to get started -- you'll find us at @bookbday.

Photo courtesy of pasotraspaso via Creative Commons.