Finding a Literary Agent in the Age of Social Media

Hunting for the perfect agent to help you get your children's or YA book published? It's easier to do your research now than it was when I got started, mainly thanks to social media. Here are a few resources to help:


Here's my list of agents on twitter who represent authors of books for young readers. Read their tweets for a while. Get to know their voices. Find the ones who like the kinds of books you read and write. Then submit your manuscript.

Blogs and Sites

Middle Grade Ninja asked a bunch of agents the same seven questions about their preferences. Here are their answers. Read, take notes, and think about who might be a good match for your work.

Writer's Digest has good information on-line about young adult and middle grade literary agents.

[From Kellye Crocker in the comments]: Scroll down the left sidebar at Literary Rambles for all kinds of agent interviews and information.

Know of any other research resources for unagented, brilliant writers seeking traditional publishers? Add them in the comments below. (Plus, read this good post by editor Sangeeta Mehta featuring six questions to ask yourself before you self-publish.)