Mitali talks (and talks) about Global Books, Code-Switching, Vocation, Craft, Literary Villages, and Mom

I've had a busy few months on the road, speaking at schools, libraries, conferences, and bookstores. Honestly, I've been talking so much that I'm sick of the sound of my own voice. This month, I'm taking some time to be silent in my introvert's cave. Thank goodness, some of you might say. Others of you, however, hopefully aren't tired of listening to me. If that's the case, here are some links to places and events to track my conversations.

While I taught in schools in real life, I also visited two groups of people virtually to chat about global literature: educators interested in the South Asia Book Award and high-schoolers in Belleville, Illinois. The videos are posted below. 

I also stopped by the amazing Jen Fulwiler's radio show to talk about craft, vocation, and when to give up on a dream deferred. My interview begins at 35:33.

Over at Kirkus, Alex Heimbach interviewed me about crossing borders in life and fiction and I visited Campolindo High School to celebrate women writers. Erin Murphy of Penguin Random House Audio asked about my enjoyment of audio books, my own booking agency asked a few questions about the writing life, and the Mendocino Writer's Conference wanted me to talk about empowering young readers with fiction.

Fuller Seminary's President Mark Labberton and I enjoyed a lively conversation, covering a myriad of topics including faith, why children make a better audience than adults, and writing about justice and peacemaking.

While on tour for FORWARD ME BACK TO YOU, I stopped by Austin's Book People bookstore to meet with members of the Anti-Defamation League and local educators. Bookseller Meghan Dietsche Goel summed up our time together in a nice Publisher's Weekly post, "Building a Literary Village." Yes, tears are my superpower and there's nothing I can do about it.

For now, back I go into the hermitage. See you on the road again soon.

For information about in-person or virtual visits, contact the Booking Biz.