A Delightful National Book Festival!

I was honored to participate in the Library of Congress' National Book Festival. Author Misa Sugiura and I were interviewed by Lee Ann Potter on the teen stage, followed by a signing. Below are a few photos along with my answer to a question from a teen in the audience about surviving growing up between cultures. Thanks to Macmillan for sending me and to the Library of Congress for inviting me.

The day started with a Jesse Dittmar photo shoot hosted by Lily News of the Washington Post.
“Suffrage” has roots meaning “prayers or pleas on behalf of another.” I couldn’t help putting grateful hands on the shoulders of steadfast suffragettes who labored for us. May we persist in labora et ora for future unknown beneficiaries.
Misa and I were both a little nervous, but ready for fun.
Lee Ann Potter, Director of Educational Outreach at the Library of Congress, asked wonderful questions.
One of my favorite moments came after our panel, when a participant said shyly, “I’m Bengali-American, too. Thank you for sharing about the hyphenated life.” And look at ⁦Misa's lovely body language as she greets a teen who came up front to ask her a question. 
Here’s how I answered a teen who described her struggle with growing up between cultures.
A signing line of friends, old and new.