RICKSHAW GIRL North American Premiere at Mill Valley Film Festival

Bay Area friends, you’re invited to join director Amitabh Reza Chowdhury, producer Eric J. Adams, and me at Mill Valley Film Festival’s North American premiere of Rickshaw Girl (suitable for ages 11+) on Saturday, 10/9 at 3:30 at CineArts Sequoia. Order tickets here starting 9/13. In English and Bengali with English subtitles.

“In this Bangladeshi drama, feisty young painter Naima (a riveting Novera Rahman) sets out on a quest to save her ailing father. Her artistic gift has blossomed with his encouragement but hasn’t yet proven financially rewarding. Naima’s mother dashes such childish dreams, which sends the frustrated teen off to the big city, determined to earn money for the family’s survival. And she does, by disguising herself as a boy to get a job as a rickshaw driver. Still, Naima’s creative drive has her sneaking every opportunity to paint, and as her vivid artwork comes to life in beautifully animated form, there is hope that her emergence as an artist will be her true salvation. Based on the acclaimed and beloved young adult novel by Mitali Perkins, Rickshaw Girl is a magical ride.” ~ Carol Harada