Feedback From Author Visits

"Our school was abuzz from Mitali’s visit. Teachers and students alike found her story and her style of sharing it compelling and thought provoking. The best part of the presentation was Mitali’s ability to make her story accessible to students through its relevance to their lives and her adept use of visuals/power point to maintain the interest of all students. She spoke to them in their language. It was EXCELLENT!" — Deborah Romeo, Instructional Specialist, Rogers Middle School, Lowell, MA

"Mitali Perkins provided us with an entertaining and thought-provoking program on Life Between Cultures. In sharing her personal experiences as an Indian-American child, she’s warm and lively and she really engages the young audience. Her obvious love of the world of books and her many suggestions for stories about immigrant kids left our teens and tweens inspired.” — Martha Coons, Librarian, Springfield City Library, Springfield, MA

"Feedback from our school community is fantastic! People are saying this presentation was one of the best we've had all year! Perfect pacing, great topic, nice visuals, good had it all!" — Chris Malcomb, Teacher, Prospect Sierra Middle School, El Cerrito, CA

"She was engaging and fit perfectly with our launch of the immigration unit. She really knew how to talk to kids. Her visuals were compelling and she brought complex concepts to the students' level of understanding through pithy anecdotes." — Tom Daniels, Teacher, Mason-Rice Elementary School, Newton, MA (Read some letters that came from Mr. Daniels' Fourth-Graders)

"She gave our teens a fabulous program — she's got the gift! Humor, intelligence, and genuine caring were foremost in her comments to the kids. Many of our TAG teens told me she had struck a chord and they could relate to her experiences living between two cultures." — Penny Johnson, Librarian, Pleasanton Public Library, Pleasanton, CA

"Mitali did a superb job of reaching our middle school students on their own level, using humor and personal stories to highlight how cultural differences and middle school angst helped shape her writing for young adult readers." — Sandy Gleed, North Andover Schools' Enrichment Council

"Mitali's visit was the BEST author visit that we've ever had. Her talk was such a perfect fit for our school, and especially for our substantial refugee population. ALL of the students were thoroughly engaged. Mitali was so approachable, and her stories were so meaningful and poignant, that she was almost accosted after her presentation by all the students whom she touched." — Kelley McDaniel, Librarian, King Middle School, Portland, ME

"Mitali's relaxed but vivacious presence hit exactly the right note. Her talk about difficulties, and subsequent pride, that she felt growing up as an Indian child was especially well received.” — Bethan Steward, Librarian, Chelmsford Public Library, Chelmsford, MA

"The delivery and ease of your presentation to middle schoolers was superb! Our students continued to stay engaged throughout the presentation. For example, passing around the 'scents' of your culture, dressing up the Principal and Assistant Principal in traditional clothing and relating to our students with situations and models they could understand clearly was key." — Cyndi Dailey-Smith, Bigelow Middle School, Newton, MA

"We enjoyed Mitali's enthusiasm for writing, as well as her instant rapport with the junior high school age group. Her presentation was wonderful.” — Josie Kelly, Orinda Books, Orinda, CA

"Ms. Perkins is warm and funny, and has a very lovely spirit that shines through. Our audience really enjoyed her engaging talk, from the kids to the teachers. Her latest book, Monsoon Summer, has been read and enjoyed by many students.” — Terri Purcell, Orinda Intermediate School, Orinda, CA

"Your presentation was phenomenal!! I had so much fun listening to you, and I realized that we had gone through a lot of the same experiences. You were funny and engaging and absolutely terrific! Thanks!” — Cynthia Liu, Student, Chicopee, MA

"What a fabulous presentation! This was a very engaging and age-appropriate program. The kids were really drawn into Ms. Perkins' story. She clearly understood her audience and made terrific connections to their own life experiences. It was the perfect kick-off for our immigration unit." — Mike Costello, Teacher, Mason-Rice Elementary School, Newton, MA

"Mitali Perkins gives an energetic, fun presentation to students that will engage them in an honest, thoughtful dialogue about cultural heritage.” — Casey Rondini, Librarian, CT