Holy Night and Little Star

A Story for Christmas
 Illustrated by Khoa Le
Published by Penguin Random House / Waterbrook Multnomah

"Perkins’ touching tale makes the story of Christmas new while weaving in the positive message of trusting the constancy of Maker in the face of change. Le’s captivating jewel-toned illustrations and Perkins’ measured unspooling of story will charm readers and make them excited to read on . . . A unique retelling of the Nativity that will surprise and delight." ~ Kirkus Reviews

"This quiet, unique retelling of the nativity story shows the perspective and perseverance of Little Star, a lowly celestial being who is nervous about her world changing due to Holy Night . . . As in Bare Tree and Little Wind, Perkins and Le bring religious stories to a broader audience, using straightforward, accessible language and short sentences. Stunning illustrations further enable this reach. Amid the dark palette and layered landscapes, the shining round faces of the sky beings stand out, adorned in sparkling head gear and flowing robes. Abstract colorful shapes that look like they could be found under a microscope float through the air, adding substance and mystique to the night sky . . . [A] delightful read." ~ School Library Journal

"Perkins's child-friendly fantasy about the role played by the Star of Bethlehem offers a thought-provoking, cross-cultural retelling of the Nativity story. Perkins re-teams with Le (Bare Tree and Little Wind: A Story for Holy Week), who beautifully depicts the human and otherworldly aspects of the story with (culturally accurate) diverse skin tones for the people and effervescent illustrations of the celestial host. ~ Horn Book

"This beautifully illustrated nativity story has lots of kid-appeal with a cute, reluctant star finding a key role to play in witnessing Jesus' birth  . . . The swirling images of starlight will sweep readers away in Holy Night and Little Star, a story that mixes celestial fantasy, down-to-earth ancient desert settings, and a Christian theological perspective: 'This Child ... was Maker.'" ~ Common Sense Media

"Author Mitali Perkins looks to the heavens in Holy Night and Little Star, which highlights a tiny twinkler in the sky over Bethlehem that is called upon by 'The Maker' to join all the galaxy in welcoming the Christ Child." ~ Publishers Weekly

About the Book

Little Star likes her usual spot in the night sky over Bethlehem. Every night, she twinkles above the hills and hopes that nothing will change. But one night, Maker gathers the galaxy! Holy Night is coming, and Maker wants the planets, Moon, and the stars to all take part. As Maker doles out jobs, Little Star holds back, each new role sounding too hard or too scary. But when Maker eventually calls on her to shine, Little Star discovers she is ready and able to welcome the Child and joins the other stars and planets in celebration.