Mother Daughter Book Club Guide for MONSOON SUMMER

Monsoon Summer Mother Daughter Book Club Guide

Mothers and daughters everywhere are choosing Monsoon Summer as a shared reading experience. "Your book does such a nice job encouraging us to open up with each other," writes a Mom from Arlington, Virginia. Explore the joys and challenges of this unique relationship as you journey to India with Jazz Gardner and her mother.

Discussion Questions And Suggestions For Activities

Why didn't Jazz want to go to India at first? Was there more than one reason for her reluctance?

Why did her mother want to go? Was there more than one reason for her excitement?

How did each member of the Gardner family change over the summer?

Jazz and Danita help each other to take risks. Describe a friendship where each of you has helped the other to grow or change.

What's the most risky thing you've tried when it comes to helping someone else? Did it work?

Draw a picture of Jazz and Steve in the "Track Team Twins" photo that Jazz hated. Compare drawings. Why did Jazz have such a hard time recognizing that she was beautiful?

Flip through some issues of National Geographic magazine and find photos of women who might be considered beautiful in their own cultures. Make a collage together of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes.